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The Car Care Club is a membership program designed to help you save money and your vehicle gets proper maintenance, in short, a win/win for you and your car!! Every year people save hundreds of dollars because they see the value in this great maintenance program.
This year we are offering the greatest potential savings in the history of our CCC–up to $889!! Now, I hope you don’t need to use all these coupons over a 12 month period…but, if you do you will have saved almost $900! Hey, its worth it even if you only need oil changes and tire rotations.


  1. Please keep the membership card in your glove box to make sure it is available each time your care is serviced.

  2. Please present the membership card at time of service to quality for discounts.

  3. Member is responsible to for all applicable sales tax.

  4. All discounts are taken off regular prices and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, coupons or special offers.

  5. Use as many coupons on the membership car as you wish per visit.

  6. Appointments are not usually necessary, but are recommended.

  7. Membership card is non-transferable, non-replaceable if lost or stolen and has no cash value.

$195.95 to join (good for one year on one vehicle)


When you sign up, you’ll be given a care like this to use for discounted services:

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