Nov. 30th Why Being an AAA-Approved Auto Repair Shop Matters

AAA Approved Nashville, TN

On the windows of countless auto shops around the country, we see that familiar red, white, and blue sticker with the “AAA” logo. For technicians, being able to advertise their shop as “AAA-approved” is a huge deal, and for customers, it provides us with a great sense of relief that our cars are in good hands. An auto shop that is AAA-approved can provide customers with plenty of top-grade services for all their vehicle needs. Not only is it an honor, but it’s essential for the success of the business. If you’re looking for a shop that’s AAA approved in Nashville, TN, call Hillsboro Village Auto Service, today! We’ve got the experience, expertise, the latest tools, and technology to properly diagnose and repair most automobile makes and models. If you need an oil change, tires, or brake service, we’ve got you covered! Now, let’s take a closer look at why being an AAA-approved auto repair shop really matters.

AAA and Their Screening Process

AAA, The American Automobile Association, is one of North America’s largest motor and leisure travel organizations. With over 50 million members, AAA is a leader in the travel safety and security industry. Since AAA is such a large corporation, they put forth very strict standards for shops to qualify as an approved auto repair shops. Here’s how their screening process works:

  • Performed Surveys: Once the shop submits an application, the AAA corporation will make visits to the shops for surveys. Typically, they will have customers rate their satisfaction with the auto shop and the services they have received in the past. The shop must obtain a 94% or higher.
  • Repair Facility Tour: A representative of AAA will tour the facility to ensure that the equipment used is up-to-date and in excellent shape. They will also make sure that all proper equipment is present in the shop.
  • Interviews: AAA wants to ensure that each shop they visit and interview is ASE Certified, and therefore, will perform facility checks and speak directly with the master technicians.
  • Credibility Checks: To ensure maximum credibility, AAA will check to see if the shop carries correct liability insurance and will perform various checks to make sure the specific business is entirely ethical, credible, and most importantly, trustworthy.

If the shop passes all of these standards, it will officially be an AAA-Approved Auto Repair Shop. However, to ensure that the shop is always maintaining its standards, AAA will continue to monitor the shop. Additionally, Auto shops will be required to send in review cards on a monthly basis and will have to participate in an annual re-inspection in order to keep their AAA status. Being AAA-approved truly matters for auto shops, for it shows their sheer dedication to their work while establishing credibility. It shows that these auto shops meet all the strict guidelines set in place by AAA in order to provide customers with top-notch services.

If your vehicle is in need of service, be sure to check out your local mechanic that’s AAA-approved!