Jan. 31st Why it’s Important to Get Oil Changes Consistently

It’s common knowledge that after 3,000 to 5,000 miles, a vehicle will be required to come in for an oil change. However, even though most know this detail, they fail to bring their automobile in on time. We understand that it’s not always a cheap and fast process, however, it’s highly important for the overall functionality of your auto. If you want your car to last you a long while, then you must always make it a point to get regular oil changes after the recommended mileage is reached. Just like water is an important key to human survival, oil is the essential resource in maintaining the lifeline of a car. If you need an oil change in Nashville, TN, call an auto mechanic, today at Hillsboro Village Auto Service! Some say we’re Nashville’s best kept secret for oil change, service, and maintenance.

How an Oil Change is Beneficial for Your Car

There are quite a few reasons as to why it’s highly beneficial for automobile owners to routinely get an oil change and it all comes down to how well you want your vehicle to function. With tender, love, and care, cars will last for so much longer and will be less likely to give you any unexpected issues. Let’s take a look at some (of the many) reasons as to why oil changes are important to get on a regular basis.

Removes engine wear and build-up

Regular oil changes are very beneficial to a vehicle since it helps to rid the engine of dirt particles that tend to build up over time. Additionally, a lot of “sludge” tends to build up over time that can negatively affect the way your vehicle drives. However, with proper maintenance–oil changes–mechanics will be able to manage filter changes and remove any particle and sludge build-up that’s developed over time. Keeping your engine clean is the top priority for a working car, and oil changes do just that.

Preserves Engine Lubrication

With all the working components, engines generate a lot of heat. Without proper oil changes and oil lubrication, the heat and speed coming from the engine and all its working parts can wear it down and dry it out. With consistent oil changes, your engine will remain lubricated and functional.

Better Gas Mileage

Anyone who drives long distances on a daily basis wishes that they had better gas mileage. Constantly driving long distances–and maybe not getting oil changes as often that they should–take a toll on your car overtime; especially in the case of gas mileage. However, did you know that frequent oil changes can help to improve your MPG (Miles Per Gallon)? Basically, oil changes will promote a better lubricated engine and less friction that can slow it down–allowing you to better optimize your gas mileage.

Promotes a Longer Engine Life

Additionally, oil changes will help to extend the life of your engine. Better gas mileage, proper engine lubrication, and prevention of the build up of sludge and dirt particles will only help to ensure that your engine will last for quite some time. It’s a fairly simple concept: making sure your car receives routine and consistent maintenance–oil changes–will make your vehicle last much longer.

Although most auto mechanics will already have an idea on what oil to use on each car make and model, it’s recommended that you read through your car manual to find the oil type that should be used within your vehicle.